French Bulldog Ergonomic Harness

French Bulldog Ergonomic Harness

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Benefits of an Adjustable Ergonomic Comfort Dog Harness 

Neck injuries aren't fun and using a collar on your French bulldog may lead to prolonged pressure on their delicate neck which can lead to injury and discomfort. Ouch!

A harness differs from a collar in that it eliminates the strain off of your dog’s neck and distributes it either across his chest or back. One of the main benefits of a harness is that it prevents injuries to your dog’s trachea, especially if he has a tendency to pull on the leash (due to Frenchie's rambunctious nature they tend to pull quite a bit!). 

Adjustable Ergonomic Comfort Harness features

  • Reflective Safety: 3M reflective material, ensuring the canine's safety above all else whether it is day or night.
  • Exterior: Durable outer layer with scratch-resistant oxford material.
  • Interior: Nylon webbing with soft sponge padded sections with key load dispersion for comfortable extended wear
  • Two-leash attachment points: Zinc-alloy D-ring on the harness's back, and webbing with Zinc-alloy O-ring on the harness's front.
  • Ergonomic design: Easy on, easy off. Reduces risk of common harness chafing-irritation of skin by repetitive friction.
  • Straps: Adjustable straps with quick-release buckles are also in-bedded with reflective piping. (Extra reflective coverage) 
  • All-weather feature: Helps keep Frenchie's body temperature cool in summer by releasing excess heat and warm in the winter by retaining heat.