How Much Do Boston Terriers Cost?

How Much Do Boston Terriers Cost?

How Much Do Boston Terriers Cost?

How Much Do Boston Terriers Cost?

So you've fallen in love with all the Boston Terrier pictures on Instagram or maybe one of your friends on Facebook has just adopted a Boston Terrier puppy and now you've decided to look into getting your very own fur baby.

Now you want to know how much do Boston Terrier cost?

Or you want to ask what is the price of a Boston Terrier puppy?

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Purebred Boston Terriers can be expensive and you may find yourself paying anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000 USD to purchase a purebred Boston Terrier puppy. (Purebred Boston Terriers come with AKC registered papers showing their ancestry.

To start your search we recommend checking out the Boston Terrier Club Of America.

The Boston Terrier Club Of America has links to rescue dogs as well. (Please consider adopting a rescue dog)

You must ensure that you DO NOT buy a Boston Terrier from:

  • A craigslist ad
  • A newspaper ad
  • Any online sale site

as there are a lot of people out there who are trying to scam you.

Remember to always do your research to ensure that you are purchasing a Boston Terrier from reputable breeders.

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