Boston Terrier Colors - What Colors Do Boston Terriers Come In?

What Colors Do Boston Terriers Come In

What Colors Do Boston Terriers Come In?

Officially, the only colors that the Boston Terrier Club of America recognizes are black with white markings, brindle or seal. 

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But I bet you've seen all the Instagram or Facebook pictures of the rarer Boston Terrier colors such as red, blue, lilac, fawn, brown, blue or albino. Please note that these are not officially recognized colors and are considered to be genetic disorders and have been found to suffer from more health issues that the standard colors.

Please do try and refrain from buying these "rarer" Boston Terriers from breeders, as with each one that is bought, you are encouraging more to be bred.

Here are examples of all the different colored Boston Terriers:

Black with white markings








Blue and Lilac


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